Here are answers to several of our frequently asked questions. If you can't find the answers you're looking for below, 
feel free to call at 404-467-1200 or email the gallery at staff@anneirwinfineart.com. 


How do I hang artwork in my home? What is the ideal height?

We typically hang all artwork at 62 inches on center. In order to arrive at that measurement, we use a simple formula. Measure the height of your paintings and divide by two. Then add 62 to that total. Subtract the length from the wire to the top of the painting and that will be the height at which you hang your nail. H/2 + 62 – (length from wire to top). 

How do you handle shipping if I do not live locally?

We are happy to ship paintings to any of our clients. If paintings are 48X48 or smaller, we pack paintings in house and ship via Fedex. If paintings are larger, an art handler or shipping service is often used. We can ship paintings ‘on approval’ as well as purchased artwork. 

Do you have an "on approval" policy? How does it work?

Yes! We often send paintings out on approval prior to purchasing. You can then see the work in your space before having to make a final decision. For approvals, we just require that we have a credit card on file before the painting is released. 

I am an artist. How does the submission process work?

You can find our submission policy under our contact page. Anne Irwin Fine Art accepts submissions on a rolling basis and we are always looking for new artists. 

Is my credit card and personal information safe?

Yes, Anne Irwin Fine Art is PCI compliant! Your information will only be stored securely in Stripe, where all sensitive information is hidden. 

Do you have an art installer?

We can coordinate scheduling a professional art installation in your home or office for you. If you prefer to contact an installer directly, we primarily use Mike Fitzgerald. You can email him at mfai.installation@gmail.com.

Do you deliver locally?

Yes! We are happy to deliver paintings locally on approval and/or if purchased. For deliveries, we will need to ensure that our delivery vehicle is available. Please call in advance to schedule a time. 

What service do you use for shipping? Do you insure the work?

Shipping for artwork 48X48 or smaller is packaged in house and shipped via Fedex Ground. If larger paintings or a group of paintings is being shipped, we use an art shipping company, Navis Pack and Ship. All work is insured for full value. 

Can I return artwork once purchased?

All purchased artwork is final sale and cannot be returned. We encourage clients to first take paintings on approval before making a final decision to purchase. 

Do you offer gift wrapping?

Yes, we do! Art is the perfect gift for every occasion! 

Do you sell to corporate collections?

We often work with corporations to consult on corporate collections. We have staff members that can do site visits, create art placement plans, and provide comprehensive art procurement. 

Do you offer in-home art consultations?

We would love to meet with you and do an in-home consultation! We can help you pinpoint the priority spaces in your home and help you find paintings you will love to fill them. 

Do you re-sell artwork?

We do not re-sell artwork. We work on consignment directly with all of our artists and are not equipped to take inventory for re-sale. 

Do you offer framing in house?

We do not complete framing ourselves, but we work closely with several framers nearby. We can help you decide on the best options to frame your artwork and facilitate the framing process for you


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